Southeast Asia logs 43% surge in Q1 e-commerce sales for technical consumer goods


Covid19 continues to be a major catalyst for an even stronger online marketplace in Southeast Asia. There was a significant increase in the overall TCG market value in Indonesia.


  • Throughout the first quarter of 2021, online purchases of technological consumer goods (TCG) in Southeast Asia surged by 43% to USD 594 million.
  • Media tablets, headphones, water filters, deep fryers, and air filtration appliances were some of the fastest-growing products.
  • The latest study looked at internet sales in Southeast Asia’s six major markets: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand.


The pandemic was and continues to be a major catalyst for several traditional buyers to switch to online shopping, resulting in an even stronger online marketplace.

Indonesia contributed significantly to its portion of the region’s overall TCG market value, rising from 14 % to 23% from the previous quarter. Singapore and Thailand both claim 22% of the region’s market value. Because individuals had more at home due to the lockdowns, revenues of productivity and leisure goods such as tablet devices increased by 80% and mobile computing devices increased by 35%. 

Consumers were also cooking more at home, as seen by a 300% growth in internet sales of TCG goods such as deep fryers. In addition, sales of water filters increased by 49%. Customers are buying more air filtration items and vacuum cleaners online, according to the report, with 51% of total air treatment products purchased online. Vacuum cleaner purchases on the internet have increased to approximately half of the whole industry market.

Southeast Asia has an e-commerce business that has been steadily developing over the previous two years, thanks to a growing population of online customers. As the Southeast Asian e-commerce business expands, online transactions will undoubtedly become a formidable force within these tumultuous and difficult times, bringing countless benefits in its wake.

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