The customer experience industry has become an important aspect of business. It was valued at $10.23 billion in 2020 and could hit $27.13 billion by 2026.

While organizations increasingly rely on modern tools like AI-based virtual chatbots to improve customer experience, these innovations could do more damage to the company without proper planning. For example, AI-driven bots usually give templated responses to basic queries, disrupting the customer experience and creating a bad image for the company.

To provide Asia Pacific organizations with a broad communication and customer experience management portfolio, Uniphore, known for its conversational automation, has partnered with VIS Global, an enterprise communication and customer experience management solutions provider.

The partnership expands both organization’s offerings across Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, and India, potentially a network of over 50,000 voice interactions per minute, 10,000+ outbound seats, 6000+ Interactive Voice Response (IVR) ports, and 500,000 call recordings per day.

Businesses that apply the offerings in this partnership can benefit from:

  • Use of AI to drive measurable, cost-effective, and sustainable improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Automated activities for customers including bill payments, account balance, loan details, service inquiries, upgrades, among others.
  • Automated after-call work for agents such as inputting of call summaries, call categorization, actions to be taken or scheduled, and other steps to ensure accurate documentation of customers’ history for future interactions, reducing customers’ call wait and handle time.
  • Integration of low-code / no-code technology to allow non-technical users to reduce lengthy back-end processes.