Internet giant Google has launched a $6-million Sustainability Seed Fund in Asia Pacific through its philanthropic arm, Nikkei reported, citing a statement from Kate Brandt, the company’s chief sustainability officer.

The fund will be disbursed to startups that are addressing the “most pressing sustainability challenges” such as pollution, waste, biodiversity, renewables, and the circular economy.

Aside from the funding, Google will also provide mentorship from its engineers as well as access to technology as part of the program. Previously, the tech giant gave capital to Indonesian startup Gringgo, which aims to solve waste management problems in the country.

On top of this initiative, Google will add green options to its own products, including its search engine.

According to the Nikkei report, online searches have shown the growing concern for the environment among Asians. Queries about recycling rose 25% in South Korea and Hong Kong, while searches for electric cars and bikes rose 70% in India and Taiwan and elsewhere.