The landscape post-COVID is predicted to have e-commerce be the next big thing. With companies like Grab, Gojek, and other startups like the  U.S.-listed Sea competing with each other to gain market share. With Sea investing heavily in Vietnam and other countries. Having it paid off resulted in its companies like Shopee and Lazada being the most visited site in several Asian countries. 

  • With the market reaching maturity it seems that consolidation is on the rise. With talks of several mergers and alliances forming between companies like Grab, Gojec, Tokopedia, etc. Despite this,  growth trends are expected to remain intact, with consumers having greater trust in technology. For example, though the pandemic decreased the number of rides in Grab and Gojek, the food deliveries increased. This seemed to offset each other.  
  • The competition between e-commerce firms in Asia and especially Vietnam has created a rise in opportunities for many potential sellers and options for customers. The race to have newer and better service has arisen in partnerships with local services and communities. With the addition of better payment plans and education programs for potential sellers to improve their sales and services. 
  • As a result, international players are wanting a piece, with companies like Amazon and Line, increasing their presence and investing more into Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia is heading towards being a battlefield where several players are competing with each other and are backed by global investments.