Southeast Asia is experiencing a major change in consumer behavior amidst this pandemic. With the major increase in activity on online platforms, it is expected for this trend to continue for 5 more years before it slows down. In Thailand, the e-Commerce industry has boomed with it increasing by 35% and planning to increase even further with this pandemic.

  • The increase in the industry in Thailand is attributed to the increase in online presence overall, with either shopping platforms or social media platforms. This increase in online shopping has also created a rise in online banking, with e-wallet and Airpay becoming the new way to pay. 
  • Thailand has also experienced growth in the logistics sector too and a result of the pandemic. Food delivery services like Grab aiding unemployed people during the pandemic by providing them with jobs. There would be more competition between the online and offline sellers admitting this pandemic as consumer behavior changes, to have a competitive edge online sellers are bringing out new strategies to compete.