The B2C E-commerce Index Report by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development revealed that Vietnam has been rapidly rising in the latest global e-commerce readiness ranking, Surpassing several of its Southeast Asian neighbors. With 152 economies in the ranking, the readiness to engage in online commerce is based on four criteria: online shopping, internet server access, postal service reliability, and the share of the population who have access to the internet and a mobile money service provider. 

  • Vietnam had promising ratings in all the criteria the ranking was based on. However, with Vietnam ranking 63 from the 152 countries, there is still room for improvement. Shamika Sirimanne, director of UNCTAD’s technology and logistics division states that the  COVID-19 pandemic has made strengthening e-trade readiness an urgent issue and that there is a need for government assistance in ensuring more people can gain e-commerce opportunities. 
  • With this, Government assistance provided by the Vietnamese government is to increase the sector’s revenue to account for 10% of the country’s revenue. In addition to targeting more than half of the population to be online by 2025.