Unilever Launches Unishop, An Exclusive Employee Only Member Shop To Boost Team Spirit.


Learn more on how Unilever is boosting their team spirit with the new Member.Shop

Developing a positive user experience for customers is critical to the success and sustainability of an organization. However, it is equally important to establish a strong bond with an internal audience.

Unilever launched an exclusive employee shop powered by aCommerce Member.Shop Platform. Paving the  Business to Employee (B2E) approach and example for the other Thai businesses. This exclusive employee shop will enable their employees to purchase a variety of Unilever products with special discounts.

Making an engaging, dynamic experience for employees can be developed with the help of employee satisfaction tools. The goal of a B2E is to enhance productivity and employee happiness, which organically promotes the feeling of community and embracing of the organization’s values. 

Unilever’s new B2E shop, the Unishop,  incorporates branded details, and customization options, like a customized theme feature and a personalized homepage feature

In addition, Unilever offers ideal customer experiences with a mobile-centric design, allowing the employee convenient browsing with an adapted format, since most users prefer using the mobile web than desktop providing a better overall experience.

The discounted products are displayed on the customized homepage and with a sales order history and tracking feature that allows users to look into their order history and track their parcels and allows Unilever to analyze the user’s shopping behavior and curate the user’s experience, offering multiple payment options on checkout.

A robust B2E strategy will pay rewards in keeping employees happy and engaged with the brand, immensely increasing the overall Human Capital Value.

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