• True 5G XR studio will host the virtual game program True 5G Offers TikTok Trivia Nights to attract new content creators.

H TrueMove Universal Communication (TUC), one of Thailand’s largest mobile operator, have teamed up with short-video app TikTok to release the nation’s first videogame show, which will be broadcast from the True’s production company to support the new digital lifestyles and bring in new content producers.

The studio was founded with the goal of providing a single infrastructure for digital content in the nation in order to boost the nation’s media sector, notably immersive and high-definition material, which has grown increasingly popular in Thailand.

With the participation of TikTok stars playing, the Game Night will be a joyful and thrilling event. There would be a drive to recruit additional participants that are more well-known among viewers and to assist the creators to hone their abilities in content creation as professionals through various initiatives under this partnership.

The partnership with TUC is part of TikTok’s strategy to assist expand the Thai content sector to another level while also delivering new entertainment material that is enjoyable, amusing, inspirational, and positive in nature.