Top 10 Best Selling Brands In South East Asia By BrandIQ – Weekly Series | 3-12 September


Check out this week’s BrandIQ Top 10 Best Selling Brands In SEA.

Indonesia: This week’s Xiaomi is in 1st place from last week’s 2nd. Last week’s top spot POCO dropped to 8th this week. Samsung has been stationary this week and last week with the same 4th place. The biggest improvement was made by Puma with this week’s 2nd place from last week’s 31st. 

Singapore: Dyson, who most recently launched two new products in APAC, the V12, and V15, is in first place for the second week in a row. The week’s second place is also the most improved brand this week, Dettol moving up from last week’s 116th spot. Samsung, like in Indonesia, is in the 4th spot from last week 2nd. 

Philippines: This week’s top spot is claimed by Nike from its 5th place last week. It is then followed by pampers in 2nd from 6th place last week. Oppo, the Chinese smartphone maker, is in 10th place this week, as they are approaching their ColorOS 12 announcement on September 16th, compared to last week’s 2nd. 

Vietnam: This week’s top spot is taken by Ensure for a second week in a row. Following Ensure is Vivo in second place from its last week spot of 4th, after announcing their new X70 series smartphones. Adidas with this week spot of 4th compared to last week’s 129th. 

Malaysia: Xiaomi is in the first place from its last week spot of 2nd as their 15th of September event is approaching, where Xiaomi is expected to launch their new 11T and 11T Pro. Samsung is holding the same spot this week in 4th place after a very successful launch of their foldable phones series. Enfagrow is in 5th place this week compared to last week’s 53rd.

Thailand: This week’s top spot is claimed by tech brands, this seems to be the same as last week with also the top spot claimed by an assortment of generic tech manufacturers. Mamypoko, the high-quality diaper manufacturer, is in second place this week,  from last week’s  9th. Xiaomi has remained in 4th place this week. Much like Malaysia, Enfagrow with this week’s 7th place compared to last week’s 25th.

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