Instagram Reel, a short form creative content feature on Instagram is launching globally across 50 countries including Thailand. From 23rd March 2021, Thai Instagram users are able to use Reels by using the camera function of Instagram to record videos and post them on Reels. Inside Instagram Reels, there are many tools for creators to produce fun and creative content. 

The launching of Reels in Thailand will provide another channel for Thai content creators to push out content that reflects their characters, uniqueness, and creativity of the new generation. The Instagram users globally will discover different types of content from different creators across the world. The opinion surrounding this launch inclined towards Facebook’s significant effort to challenge Tiktok since the features shared a lot of similarities. 

To summarize, what Instagram is trying to do isn’t to copy Tiktok. Instead, Instagram is building the entire experience of the competitors’ apps to its own single feature within Instagram. For instance, how Instagram has turned the Snapchat user experience into Instagram stories and is now successful and bigger than Snapchat.