E-sports Commerce Channel Is Gaining More Popularity As Millions Are Tuning-In Monthly


In this new landscape of e-commerce, brands are searching for more opportunities to engage with their customers, G-commerce or gaming commerce is vastly becoming the go-to channel.


  • According to Nielsen Thailand, e-sports fans spend an average of 13 hours per week in gaming-related activities.
  • The average income of e-sports fans is 45,188 THB per month, above the country average of 25,000 THB.
  • 65% of sports fans believe that sponsorships by brands help promote positive brand perception.


The e-sports trend is taking Thailand by storm. A growing fan base with an above-average monthly income, no wonder that the e-sports industry is now becoming a very interesting online sales channel for brands in the region. 

“The trend will lead to greater integrations between media and commerce and will expand the types of services and products consumed online and the way by which they are consumed. i.e., more opportunities to purchase directly from media, content, or in-game,” said Paul Srivorakul, Group CEO of aCommerce.

The single most important thing that is setting the e-sport channel apart from other channels is fan devotion to the teams. Similar to traditional sports events, fans are extremely passionate about their teams and are much more inclined to support their cause by purchasing through partner brands, team merchandise, or following the players sponsoring brands.

Now, it’s a question of how seamless the experience of gaming commerce can become, with software like Elasticpath offering different solutions for brands.

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