• Thailand’s e-commerce business is anticipated to increase by double digits in 2021 as online purchasing has evolved into the new normal.


Despite the slow economy, which may amount to conservative purchasing, Thailand’s e-commerce sector is anticipated to expand by double digits in 2021, thanks to the new normal buying trend with shoppers spending more time picking items and exploring lower-priced options. 

Sensible expenditure will remain. However, following the shutdown, internet shopping has become the new normal and it’s here to stay. The number of first-time internet consumers has increased throughout the epidemic. Thailand’s e-commerce was valued at 300 billion baht last year, an increase of 83%. Nonetheless, there is still space for expansion, due to a smartphone penetration rate of more than 91%.

As a result of the lockdown, which led to traditional retail limitations, e-commerce is expected to continue to expand by double digits at a rate higher than the previous year. The internet channel has also become a must-have for companies and is no longer an alternative option.