• HOMA prioritizes sustainability issues in its day-to-day company operations.
  • HOMA2U (HOMA) disclosed plans to raise 2.4 million ringgit (about $567,000) from investors.
  • They intend to expand a Yellow Box idea to 10 sites (inside Malaysia), bringing their product presentation closer to the clients.


HOMA, a Malaysian online-to-offline platform for construction materials and household items, disclosed a 2.4 million ringgit or $567,000 financing round led by a private equity company. Established in 2017, HOMA is an emerging retail platform that provides low-cost construction materials and home décor items with an emphasis on sustainability.

HOMA stated that it is concentrating on developing mobile pop-up outlets named Yellow Box in order to meet the demands of its physical and online customers in a seamless fashion. With the Yellow Box concept, it hopes to broaden to 10 locations within Malaysia by bringing their merchandise showcase directly to people through partnerships and utilizing the partner’s conventional retail venue to locate the Yellow Boxes, including furniture outlets and hardware stores, carrying up to 1,000 units of goods.