Malaysia Takes The Lead In Online Consumption Recent Survey Shows

Malaysian take the lead of online shopping with 22 million users to date and according to the annual SYNC Southeast Asia report, there is further headroom for growth, with 90% of the population expected to be shopping online by the end of 2021.

According to the report, Malaysians spend 47% more compare to 2020, and 46% of the users use online as the main shopping channel with the overall e-commerce industry expected to grow by 1.3 times the current size by 2026.

Additional notable trends shown in the report are involving product discovery with 44% of questioned users saying they purchased from new online brands and 63% saying they go online not always looking for a specific product, but enjoy the experience of browsing the digital shelves and exploring new products.

Online videos remain the preferred discovery tool for Malaysians with social videos, posted by other users or influencers, are used by 22% of consumers.

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