Gojek has been gaining numerous public recognition and became more influential in the Southeast Asian e-commerce circle. By creating an app with different services and series of functions for users, Gojek is shaping the future of our daily lives. With Gojek, users can make payments, order food, and groceries, etc in one app. Tokopedia, an Indonesian big e-commerce company, and Gojek are about to make history with the biggest collaboration in the Indonesian tech industry that will launch later. Later that year, Gojek became the first Indonesian company that valued more than 1 billion USD.

Many Indonesian are investing in stocks, mutual funds, and gold. And Gojek sees this opportunity to adapt like other tech companies so that many Indonesian investors can explore this investment avenue.

Gojek also has its focus on the areas outside of Indonesia. In March 2021, the company invested in LinkAja, an interbank network in Indonesia. LinkAja is particularly favorable to the people in those smaller cities and towns in Indonesia, and would definitely draw more attention to Gojek from the foreign investors as the company continues to thrive in 2021.