Inside Tokopedia, the Indonesian e-commerce company offering almost everything


Tokopedia is a big e-commerce company based in Indonesia, offering a broad range of services, such as online retail, digital payments, and booking services.

You might have heard of Tokopedia and its stories from many news and online platform, for anyone who hasn’t heard of Tokopedia, Tokopedia is a big e-commerce company based in Indonesia that is planning to go public later in 2021 by collaborating with Gojek. Tokopedia offers a broad range of services such as online retail, making digital payments, booking services for trains, planes, hotels, events, and even movie tickets. 

The founders aspired that Tokopedia will be the ultimate marketplace for Indonesian users, the direction of Tokopedia as we have seen, share some similarities with Alibaba. Since Alibaba started out as an e-commerce website and in the end expanded into different business sectors.

  • During the pandemic, in August 2020, Tokopedia launched Dhanapala- a peer-to-peer lending platform for small and medium businesses in Indonesia. In consequence of the lockdown brought by the Covid-19, Tokopedia has also started a meal kit delivery as a long-term income for the company since it is expected that consumers will likely remain the consuming behavior of getting food delivered to their doorsteps even after the pandemic.
  • Tokopedia caught the eye of big investors like Softbank and Sequoia capital and raised over 100 million USD in 2014.
  • In 2017, Tokopedia was becoming even bigger than in 2014, and the company received another 1.1 billion USD from Alibaba Group and Softbank.
  • As of now, Tokopedia is worth 7 billion USD and its potential to union with Gojek would raise up the entity valued at more than 18 billion USD. 


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